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  1. Congratulations Alun Wynn on your record. A true gentleman of the game. Your passion for the game is evident right from singing the National Anthem until the final whistle. The pictures of you with the youngsters sum up what a true icon of the game you are. We have our own Alun Wynn here at home (a working golden retriever) Awynn for short, hope you don’t mind. Good luck with everything you do in the future and look forward to many more caps.

  2. Llongyfarchiadau! What an amazing achievement – so many caps over such a long period – still in the top echelon and going strong. Great leader on the pitch and off it. Fans favourite. Diolch yn fawr Alun ?❤️??????????

  3. Well done our captain Alun what a legend you are and you deserve all the accolades you have become the most capped lock in world rugby

  4. Congratulations on such a remarkable achievement. The praise and accolades have rarely been so deserved, a fitting reward for years of genuinely incredible consistency. As a supporter of both Ospreys and Welsh rugby, it has been an absolute privilege to have followed your journey and progress over the years. The way you represent both region and country, on and off the field, is a true inspiration. We hope that there will be many more caps to follow, but your place as one of the all time greats is already secured. Congratulations and thank you. Llongyfarchiadau a diolch o’r galon.

  5. Congratulations on this massive achievement. To do it combined with over 200 games for the Ospreys speaks volumes of your commitment to our Region. We are so privileged to have been at the Liberty to see you play week in week out. Here’s hoping we will return to see you playing sooner rather than later.

  6. llongyfarchiadau Alun.
    Massive congratulations are being sent your way as you become a record holder. You’re a true inspiration to many. A great ambassador of the game from throughout the ranks from Bonymaen to the lions!
    Here’s to you… you absolute legend!

  7. Many congratulations Alun Wyn. A truly inspirational legend and fantastic ambassador for the Ospreys, Wales and the Lions.

  8. A massive congratulations on an amazing achievement for you and your family as an Ospreys and Wales fan couldn’t be more happy for you; a true icon of the game and will go down as a legend of the sports not only here in Wales but globally looking forward to cheering you on once again when this is over and good luck for tomorrow we’re all rooting for you ???????

    • From all of at South Wales URSC, we send you a huugggeeee Congratulations in your World Class Record Breaking Career. #GoWell #DiolchYnFawr

  9. Congratulations on an amazing achievement. Its been a pleasure to support you throughout your Ospreys, Wales and lion career. You epitomise everything about being a proud Welsh man and always give 100%. The whole nation is so proud of you. Keep doing what you do and keep making us all proud.

  10. Congratulations Alun Wyn. You are a great ambassador for Ospreys, Wales and the sport of rugby, and that’s what makes this record all the more well deserved. You are a true legend – OUR legend. #onceanospreyalwaysanosprey

  11. ? Congratulations Alun Wyn, on the great achievement of claiming the world rugby union international cap record against Scotland. We seen you come through the ranks with Swansea rfc, onto the Ospreys, Wales, and Lions. You have World wide respect, and only you can decide how many caps you will eventually achieve!! ❤

    • Your are an absolutely incredible player . Congratulations on being the most capped international , you are and always will be a true legend and role model. Congratulations again ??

  12. Many congratulations AWJ on surpassing Richie McCraw’s record. It’s been a privilege watching you playing for the Ospreys, Wales and the B & I Lions.
    I have read so many tributes about your rugby career , but what stands out is the fact that you always return to your roots. I played for Mumbles Youth against Bonymaen, both home and away and they were by far the hardest opposition.
    One or two of the OSC have often referred to you as God when you put the #5 shirt on for the Ospreys or Wales. I remember a highly respected Welsh journalist tweeting that when the Principality Stadium roof was open, God was watching. My response was simply, ‘ Yes, he’s wearing the #5 shirt.
    Many thanks for what you have achieved both on and off the field

  13. Llongyfarchiadau enfawr Alun a diolch yn fawr .
    Huge congratulations Alun and a very big thank you.

  14. AWJ is a living legend, although he will not even entertain that thought. There are way too many achievements and on field moments to choose a favourite, so I’ll go with something which sticks in the memory, from back in 2011 at Ospreys kit launch in the Quadrant Centre, Swansea. 

    My mother, who was 79, caught a bus into town went to see the kit launch, on her own. When the Ospreys boys got there, there were big crowds and the boys were mingling, chatting, signing autographs and having photos, etc. Mam was stood back a bit to avoid getting bumped or jostled as she was a bit doddery, but was just enjoying watching it all unfold, and soaking up the atmosphere. 

    Alun Wyn saw her from right over the other side to where she was standing, and once he’d had his photograph taken, he crossed the large crowd and came straight to my mother. Unbeknownst to him, my mother knew Alun Wyn’s mother from working at Cefn Hengoed  School, where his mother ‘Mrs Jones History’ taught and my mother was a dinner lady. Mam never let on. She said he (typically) didn’t want to talk about himself and showed great  interest in her, her family, how she’d got there, where she was going. afterwards etc. He spoke to her for ages, and although she was a bit starstruck, he made her feel that HE was the privileged one because she had made the effort to get herself there to see the kit launch.

    When she got home, she couldn’t wait to tell my son Joseph, and I and relay the events of the afternoon. 

    ‘Oh, it was lovely! They were all there, talking to everyone and they all looked lovely in their new shirts, but Mrs Jones’s boy, Alun Wyn – Ooooooh, he’s a lovely little boy… a LOVELY little boy…’

    Joseph and I were weak laughing – ‘Mam – you’re 4 ft 10!!!’ 

    She never forgot that! And I’ll never forget the sparkle in her eyes and the big smile on her face when she told us how he made her feel, that day.

    He has no clue about the affect he had on her, but the memory of that day continued to bring out that big smile and sparkle in her eyes every time the story was retold (which was whenever he appeared on TV, in the newspaper or any time his name was mentioned, thereafter!) For Joseph and I, it has given us a lovely, lasting, fond memory of Mam which we talk, smile and laugh about, often. 

    With such a very strong work ethic, and knowing how he applies himself, on and off the field, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that he has achieved all he has. 

    But he’s as humble now as he was then, despite all he’s achieved, and that speaks volumes about the man. 

    I’m only sorry that we can’t be there in the stadium to be a part of this day. As he runs out on the pitch, he would have been greeted with the the loudest roar any stadium has ever heard!
    I hope, as supporters, we are given the opportunity to show him how immensely proud of him we are, when we can get back into the games.

  15. As a boy from Swansea who moved away as a youngster. What a privilege it has been in recent years to travel back from Gloucestershire to see the legend that is AWJ with my family as season members. Our 6 nations AWJ Grogg takes pride of place in the living room. Congratulations to AWJ, you deserve it.

  16. So much has been said about such an iconic player. The word legend is used all too frequently these days across all sports but for Alun Wyn Jones it is an accolade that really does fit the man.

    We are all aware of the record number of international caps that we are celebrating this weekend but we also need to remember he carries the record for the number of Ospreys appearances as well.

    A 14 year and counting international career and the term ‘First name on the team sheet’ is commonly used…I’d go as far as saying your name is not pencilled in each game but written in permanent marker.

    My wife and I have been privileged to to be at games you have played for the Ospreys, Wales and the British Lions and every time your effort has been 100%….never the one to be substituted…probably because you often refuse to come off !!!

    Many thanks for the memories and let’s hope you keep giving us a few more….we would have loved to have been at the game this weekend to enjoy the occasion with you. Enjoy all the plaudits this weekend and let’s see how far we can stretch this record.

    Llongyfarchiadau a Dioloch yn Fawr Iawn.

    Jeff and Karen Walters.

  17. Congratulations AWJ on such a fantastic achievement. You wear the red jersey with such pride just like the black jersey of your home region. Your loyalty to the Ospreys is to be applauded and we are so proud to be able to call you one of our own.

    Ian and Ann Taylor
    OSC committee members

  18. To Alun Wyn Congratulations on being the most capped player ever. You are my rugby HERO and you are the best Osprey, Wales player and Lions player too. I love to watch you play rugby as you have so much determination and passion and I want to be like you one day. You are a great player to look up to and thank you for making my dream come true to hold your hand and run out of the Ospreys tunnel with you. I am hoping one day I will fit into your Lions boots and kit you kindly gave to me. Thank you for being the best. You are the best LEADER,LEGEND and LOCK OF A LIFETIME. Love from CALLUM and family. ?????????? ??

  19. Congratulations Alun Wyn. You are an inspiration to all of us especially to those young players following in your footsteps. It’s such a shame that a packed Millenium stadium cannot be there to show you how much you mean to them.
    Llongyfarchiadau Alun ?????
    Malcolm Evans

  20. Many congratulations to a great Osprey and Welsh man – a true gentleman and ambassador for the great game we all love. Every time you take the field for the Ospreys, Wales and Lions we know you will lead by example and give 100% – a true prince of Wales

  21. Congratulations Alun Wynn Jones on your record number of International caps. I babysat you and your sister when you were a tiny baby for your lovely Mum and Dad Anne and Tim. You were a pleasure to look after. And your mum would leave me a feast of sandwiches, which I think Tim would finish off later. I am very proud of you.

  22. Congratulations – a great achievement from a great player. A personal thank you for taking the time to meet our daughter Rebecca Jenkins at Landarcy training ground and signing your Grogg for her. She was on cloud 9. A gentleman.

  23. Congratulations AWJ on your record breaking achievement. A huge honour which is very much deserved. I look forward to watching you again at The Liberty when we are back to normal ??

  24. Congratulations AWJ a great honour and so well deserved for your dedication and perseverance in a sport we all love to watch you achieve in.
    Thank you for all you have done for the Ospreys Welsh Rugby and the British and Irish Lions you are a man apart from the rest
    Mike Phippen
    Honorary life VP

  25. A warrior on the field, yet a gentleman off it.

    We are so proud to all him one of ‘our own’. A man who sets the standards and always leads by example. He is a true leader and a loyal man to the region he calls home.

  26. A man that optimises all it is to be an Osprey

    The man is a legend or as we like to call him God.

    When it comes to highlights on the field I could write page after page there are so many, he is player that always gives 100% no matter which shirt he is wearing. For me the greatest player ever to be produced in Wales.

    When Alun Wyn is on the field you know he will be the lynch pin of the team and will never give up

    He has given his all to our region, he no doubt had countless offers and could have gone to any team of his chosing, but he stayed in his home town with family being put first.

    A giant among men on the field a true gentleman off the field.

    Congratulations on your recording breaking achievement. It has been a privileged to watch you over the years, long may you continue

  27. It’s almost unbelievable that a boy from Swansea, from the Region I support, has broken the world record for international caps, particularly in addition to everything else you’ve achieved, so far.
    However, hearing how you apply yourself to everything you do and how hard you work, both in training and for every single second you’re on the field, it’s not really unbelievable at all. It is well earned and very well deserved!
    Such a huge inspiration to so many.

    Many many congratulations. #AWJ149 ???????
    Llongyfarchiadau mawr ❤️

  28. Congrats AWJ on behalf of all the OSC.
    You’ve terrified the opposition (and the odd interviewer), you’ve inspired a nation and you have the respect of the entire rugby community.

    Welsh by birth, Lion by nature, Ospreylian by the grace of god

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